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Mikroökonomie: Öffentliche Güter

Von öffentlichen Gütern ist in Medien häufig die Rede. Sie stellen das Gegenteil von privaten Gütern dar und scheinen somit hinlänglich bestimmt zu sein. Dennoch wird der Begriff des öffentlichen Gutes oftmals falsch verwendet. Hier eine klassische Definition von Hal E. Varian, die bei privaten Gütern beginnt:

quote“Consider, for example, bread. You and I consume different amounts of bread, and, if I consume a particular load of bread, you are excluded from consuming the same loaf of bread.
Certain goods do not have these properties. A nice example is street lights. The amount of street lights in a given area is fixed – you and I both have the same potential consumption. Furthermore, my consumption of street lights does not preclude your consumption. Goods of this type are called public goods: other examples are police and fire protection, highways, national defense, lighthouses, clean air, and so on.
Public goods are goods with a special kind of externality. If I a am to consume x units of defense, then you must ‘consume’ x units of defense. like it or not” (Varian, Microeconomic Analysis, p.197).